Monday Morning Dirty Secret Spill.

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Sometimes I read the news.

Okay—I always read the news, but sometimes this “news” is…People magazine online.

Here’s my big secret spill, though: I tried to watch Downton Abbey.

However, I’d waited so long that I would’ve had to pay to view the episodes I missed (which is nearly the whole season, since we broke up). While I was considering giving Downton another chance, I’m not interested enough to pay. (I mean, I am still seeing Glee after all.)

I also wrote an elephant journal article titled Dear Husband, If You Do These Things, I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True, which is pretty much just one big secret spill. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that, as my husband puts it, I take artistic license with nearly all of my writing. (You never know exactly what is true.)

So I guess that’s another Monday morning dirty secret spill—that I liberally write with artistic license.

But there’s absolutely the reality that my writing comes from soul-deep nooks and crannies of secret spaces within my mind and heart and my emotional being, and I would love to say that I’m one of those writers who feels insecure and oh my God, I can’t believe I just hit “publish” on that last one, but the truth is I don’t.

And it’s not because I’m arrogant or because I don’t have boundaries. Rather, it’s because I believe in who I am.

In those soul-deep nooks and crannies where light is rarely allowed in, I see myself—I let light in as I witness myself—and I’m okay with what I find.

Are you?

And not are you okay with who I am, because I don’t care—which is exactly my point.

It’s when we become okay with who we are and with what we’re putting out into this world of ours, that we no longer need to seek approval.

Are rave reviews nice? Sure, of course. Are they necessary? No—and if they are, then we’re not living from soul-deep, possibly secret compartments, but from our ego-driven cravings for pats on the back.

And that’s why I have my Monday morning secret spill.

It started out purely as something fun for my friends on Facebook and it’s evolved into something that my readers love to see, and I think I know the reason why.

It’s because we connect with these little nuances.

It’s when we discuss these minute aspects of being human, we’re able to connect on a fundamentally profound level that allows us to open up and expose other more important parts of who we are—in short, it’s the start of communication, which makes the world go ’round.

Also, sometimes it’s good to just tilt your head back, show your teeth and laugh a little—or a lot.

(Oh, and if this sounds familiar, it’s because you read that blog I linked in earlier, so thanks.)


Photo credits: Yes, I seriously posed these dolls.

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