I Want to Live in a World Where Breasts Are so Normal They’re Boring.

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Breasts are utilitarian. I realized this after giving birth and beginning to breastfeed my baby. This realization was, I can almost guarantee, not a unique experience for a woman…with breasts…who decides to feed her newborn. And, for a little while, my breasts were more than newly discovered nourishment for life. They were two parts of […]

There Is No Rehearsal for Parenthood.

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Loving ourselves enough to find room for failure: I watch her grip the chunky crayon, moving it strategically to form the letters of her name, the ones that I’ve outlined in dash letters with a black marker. She takes the tiger stuffed animal that we got from the zoo during one of our summer trips, and makes […]

My Five Year Old Experienced Peer Pressure and This Was My Take-Away.

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I asked my five year old yesterday why she didn’t eat her snack at school. The “none” box was highlighted next to how much she had eaten. She told me because of the other kids. I probed a little more and got “because of the other kids” and “eww.” This didn’t completely make sense, so I emailed […]