In One Day Two Random Acts of Kindness Reminded Me That Good People Still Exist.

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It’s too easy to forget that good people still exist in this world, especially with all of the scary things we see, read and hear in real life and through news. But they do. They’re everywhere. They’re as ubiquitous as everything that scares us. I was reminded of this two days ago when I took […]

My Kids Won’t Notice My Thigh Gap in Photographs, but They’ll Notice This.

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We came across this photograph of my grandmother the other week. In it, she was laughing hysterically at something my grandfather had said. I noticed the sparkle in her eyes, and her invisible giggle. I didn’t notice if it appropriately captured her beauty, or if it was a flattering shot of her. Her joy in […]

5 Mom-Backed Tips on How to Squeeze Exercise into Every Single Day

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In retrospect, I’ve definitely been a trendy exerciser. I’ve done step, I’ve run, I love Pilates, hiking, weight lifting and various forms of cardio. I’m both a certified Spinning and yoga instructor. One of the main reasons that I’ve tried these different forms of working out is that I sincerely love to exercise. I’m one […]

There Are No Days off from Motherhood, but There Are These 5 Ways to Escape.

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There are moments when I want to run away from home. Not really and truly—I mean, I would never actually leave—but there are moments of motherhood that make me want to just flee and escape. There is no escaping motherhood—but I’m thankful for this. Once a woman becomes a mom, her children are cocooned and […]

3 Exercises for Instant Strength.

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Perhaps, especially if you know me and my affinity for moving my body, you might have expected a different sort of list than what follows. Instead, what follows are a few of my go-to practices for instant strength—just maybe a different kind of strength than was anticipated. 1. Soften. I had an internal revelation recently, after […]