19 Things I’ve Heard My Kids Say and It’s Not Even 9 a.m.

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Here’s a random list of things my two children, ages almost six and going on two, have said this morning, and it’s not even nine o’clock: 1. “I want a different shirt.” (Heard three times, not including initial change from pajamas to clothes.) 2. “What’s that sound?” (Heard twelve times, including when a bug hit the […]

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When Boredom Is Good for Us.

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A reminder to not let the little joys tucked inside of boredom escape through incessantly, unnecessarily filling our time with phones, screens and to-do’s: I sometimes, ungraciously, fill the down spaces of my day. Often, I have to remind myself not to do this. It’s a particularly important reminder because I’m raising two little kids. […]


We Have to Do Better.

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My week this summer is about getting up and out of the door early because my oldest daughter has Safety Town and my husband’s on early mornings at work. It’s about making coffee and little girls’ breakfasts, and throwing hair into ponytails and making sure we’re wearing different clothes than yesterday. This week is about […]