Monday Morning Dirty Secret Spill. {Featuring The Dan Band—You’re Welcome}

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Here’s the first dirty secret: I’m writing this on Sunday.


Also, I’ve been realizing that shopping for maternity clothes isn’t for the feint of heart, the feint of wallet or for any woman who wants to feel sexy while she’s pregnant—unless you live in Australia.

Hey, Australia folks, why do you guys have all the amazing, great fabric, eco-friendly maternity clothing shops? Hmm?

Moving on…

(I’m feeling much more pregnant at the end of my first trimester with this, my second pregnancy, than I did midway through my first, so it’s on my mind.)

Another thing that’s on my mind? This:


And this:

(Also, I’m admitting that I searched for quite awhile to add this Dan Band song from Old School to this playlist, and I couldn’t find it. I’m blaming the fact that I was tired and writing in bed to missing it. Because here it is.)


Oh yeah.

So, my Netflix suggestions are all kids’ shows now. Seriously. All. Kids.’ Shows.

I used to have categories to choose from like nerdy documentaries that were made in the 1970s that no one but your scientist husband wants to watch, as well as random English movies featuring strong female lead who is way too hilarious for the Victorian time period, and awkward romantic comedies that involve fart jokes, attractive people sticking out their lips to look sexy and at least one bad accent.

You know, things like that.

Now, I swear, every show we watch features an episode of how to go on the potty and, what’s worse, is that I’m relieved.

I’m like, Oh thank God we’ve found another series that shows things children are interested in and working on.

Another thing that relates to my pregnancy (probably go ahead and prepare yourself for this type of entrance line in many of my upcoming articles), is the reality that there is significantly limited time to workout when you have children.

Because of this, I’m realizing that I need to choose days for cardio (Spinning, my 1980-whatever Nordic Track, etc) and my beloved yoga classes. Back in the day (b.c.; before children), I could do both in one day easily.

I’m not complaining. (Honestly.)

I guess I’m just closing my Monday Morning dirty secret list by acknowledging that I’ve always loved a blended exercise routine and that now’s the time to strengthen my body, and reinforce this, by committing to my varied athletic interests.

Hey, I might be a stay-at-home yogi—but that doesn’t mean you’ll always find me practicing on my mat.

Over and out.


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