Dads Breastfeeding? How These Images Hope to Change Families. {Video}

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“If I could, I would.”

A dad’s role in breastfeeding a child can be crucial.

Nursing mothers need support and help, especially if there are other children besides the newborn.

Research into the father’s place in a nursing family is relatively new. However, studies are showing that a dad’s positive attitude and helping hands can encourage both the mother’s experience and how long she nurses the baby overall.

Photographer Hector Cruz noticed that his wife was struggling with nursing their new child. He felt helpless and wished so badly that he could just nurse the baby for her. And Project Breastfeeding was born.

Cruz realized quickly when he stepped into help that breastfeeding is a team effort—so he founded Project Breastfeeding, who’s mission is to “destigmatize public breastfeeding, educate men and empower women.”

He also put his photography skills to great use by campaigning with images of men holding their infants in traditional breastfeeding postures.

Go here for more inspiring images, and watch this video for more information on both the project and how you can get involved.


Photos: Courtesy of Project Breastfeeding, visit on Facebook.

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