A Reminder to Moms: We’re Doing a Great Job.

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I’m most assuredly not a perfect mom, but I don’t pretend to be either. 

So then why am I so upset when I mess up?

I shared this on Facebook yesterday:

I’m only sharing this today to make any other mama out there feel like she’s doing well, in comparison to my huge mom-fail today.

G [my 5-year-old] and I were standing out at the bus stop (end of our driveway) and I’m realizing how much time is going by. I try the transportation line and leave a message. I try back when it’s five minutes left until school starts. I get an operator who tells me school for our district is closed. I tell T [my husband], who’s now been planted in front of the front door with G, so we don’t miss the bus while I’m finding my phone and calling. I start crying and ask him to take the kids to a different room, as I cry and search the calendar, and clearly see marked “teacher in-service.” Total. Mom. Fail.

Anyways, I still feel like an idiot, but I regrouped with a super quick but fun HIIT routine to get my endorphins going. I took a shower while T was still home so I wouldn’t have my normally monstrous-looking puffy tear face. Still slightly regrouping and planning the day, but, if this helps any other mom out there remember that we’re trying our best, then feeling vulnerable offering this up was worth it.

If you have something you want to share, please do!
Happy Monday and—deep breath!—happy new week.

Hugs, friends.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves—and each other—we’re doing our best, and that our best is good enough.

We are good enough.

We’ll mess up—that’s a part of life—and, as one friend commented after this share above, the true test of success is how we react to failure.



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