Peace, Comfort & Joy: How to Stop Being a Victim Once and for All.

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I’m about to admit something extremely uncomfortable; something that I honestly barely admit to myself. I can sometimes have a victim mentality. Let me explain. I don’t see the world as black and white; I used to—but then I grew up. I realized that there are many shades of grey and splashes of color, and […]

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

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In retrospect, I think it’s pretty hard to have a good day that involves projectile vomiting. Yeah—I guess I should have expected to be a little bit upset. Actually, though, I wasn’t just a little bit upset—I cried so much that my eyes are still puffy today. I felt…despair. I felt…tired on a deep, deep […]

A Portrait of Change.

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The house is unusually quiet. The clicking of her longer-than-usual fingernails on the laptop keyboard echoes in her ears as her pinkie makes a demanding pressured sound on the “enter” key. She slides her right-hand, diamond heirloom ring—the one that ancestors as far back as her great-great grandfather wore—back into place. Her coffee cools beside […]