How to Dream Out Loud.

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I’m not one of those parents who dreams of her little girl being a ballerina.

Not that I would mind if she would become one.

However, my dreams for my daughter look a little more like this:

 (That’s out-of-this-world athlete, Scottish trials cyclist Danny MacAskill.)

I hope for her wild imagination in the face of daily requirements. I wish for her confidence that she might do anything.

And, actually, she loves watching mountain bike trials videos with my cyclist husband. Here’s another one of her favorites.


Because ballerina or trials rider, the only thing that I want my little girl to live up to is her own potential and her own dreams. (And I wish the same things for all of us, too.)


Photo credit: oandu/Flickr.

One thought on “How to Dream Out Loud.

  1. I wish my mother knew this Jennifer. All those years ago and in spite of her good motherly intentions she robbed me off ‘natural’ discovery of my own potentials. Knowingly or unknowingly she planned my childhood according to her own unmet ideals. Not only I did not fulfil her dreams I suffered silently because reaching average level in piano, ballet, school studies and even health was always a dilemma for me. The situations I was put in and without a manual to follow or a mentor to monitor my progress or to divert me to other options available, were really miserable experiences. Inadequacy and failure are mostly what I remember of those crucial developmental years. But thankfully her unintentional mistakes made me very aware of such potential pitfalls of motherhood. I do hope my children remember their days at school and other very important areas of growing up at home with sweet, simple and generally stress free memories.

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