Why We Should All Be Bored with Overly Emotional, Angsty Articles About Sex.

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Lately it seems the articles I come across that are “artsy” are just kind of psychotic. There are several sites I find my Facebook friends, for instance, sharing words from that, as a writer, I find problematic. After much consideration, I’d like to try addressing this within my writing community. Because there’s a point where […]

Why Writers Shouldn’t Write Every Story.

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I’ve long called my writing genre “stay-at-home yogi.” This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy sharing random musings, or writing for various media outlets where I find that it’s best to share these said random musings. But. But I’m here to offer today that, as writers, we should have an intention for our blogging. […]

Her Words Are Her Breath.

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Her fragile heart leaked into her muscle fibers. She felt the bones in her jaw store her collected, unsaid words. The raw space in the hollow of her clavicles housed disappointment she didn’t want to acknowledge, and, sometimes, she felt the reverberating of words that she tried to stuff and cram back down long after […]