75 Things I’m Doing While My Kids Still Think I’m Cool.

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My kids—gloriously, wondrously, delightfully—think I’m cool. I dyed my hair blue nearly a year ago, and recently I transitioned it to purple. My 6-year-old wasn’t annoyed or embarrassed, like maybe she could have been in another decade. Instead, she picked out purple glasses to match my hair, and told me that now all she needs […]

6 Battles I’m Glad I Stopped Picking With My Toddler.

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Parenting is exactly why the phrase “pick your battles” was invented. However, not everything has to be a battleground. Instead, some aspects of raising children can be frustrating, and also healthy teaching tools for both our kids to learn independence and for us to learn how to let go of a little bit of control. […]

I Miss Having Friends, but Right Now Being a Mom Is Enough

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I miss having friends, but not as much as I thought I would. I still have friends, but not the kind of friends I used to. Currently, with two kids under the age of 6, it’s mainly texting. Rarely is it phone conversations. Actual in-person interactions are even more rare. Initially, when I became a new […]