75 Things I’m Doing While My Kids Still Think I’m Cool.

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My kids—gloriously, wondrously, delightfully—think I’m cool. I dyed my hair blue nearly a year ago, and recently I transitioned it to purple. My 6-year-old wasn’t annoyed or embarrassed, like maybe she could have been in another decade. Instead, she picked out purple glasses to match my hair, and told me that now all she needs […]

8 Truths of Being a New Parent.

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I’m eternally grateful for my ignorance about motherhood before having kids. I naively thought, like everyone else I know, that parenthood was much different than it actually is, or that I was somehow exempt from the ubiquitous concerns I’d witnessed other people go through after having a baby. Date nights? (Insert cocky laughter.) Of course, we’ll still […]

The Kissing Experiment.

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Marriage these days is a much discussed tradition. There are those who prefer to not partake in it, although this doesn’t necessarily mean not co-existing in a life-long relationship. There are those, too, who have fought for their rights just to get married in the first place. Then there are those, like me. I never dreamt […]

Walking in Her Shoes: Why Different Parenting Styles Is Something to Celebrate.

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I was just telling a friend that I’m more opinionated about judgmental parents than I am about parenting styles. It seems that lately I come across two handfuls of articles a day on what to do and not do with my own children—often written by other parents who aren’t even “experts,” except for maybe in their own […]

She Will Always Be My Baby.

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Her heart spills sunshine from every nook and cranny. She is the epitome of love—the fabled girl with a golden heart, filled with beauty and, more importantly, a well of true kindness. She sings from her soul, as she creates different shapes and story gestures with her tiny hands—making diamonds with her index fingers and […]