For at Least One More Summer: A Love Note from Mother to Daughter.

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The feel of tender, young grass between her squeezed-tightly fingertips was primal. The tug, uprooting them, connected her with a fiery anger that she didn’t know her belly housed. Then, momentarily afterward, she’d feel regret that these vivid, green shoots, with blackened, dirty ends, were now clenched inside her small fists. Many years later, she watched this […]

A New Place to Dream.

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Life is a spiral, with one circle ending and another simultaneously beginning; layering and weaving thick histories and memories that ultimately makeup our very personal stories. My own personal story is evolving once again, as I prepare to move into a new house; the house of my dreams; the sort of place where writers create and […]

The Tattoo of Spring.

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Her fingers are coarse from the dry winter air. She rubs them together absentmindedly; running the careful grooves of one finger whirl against another. She spreads her arms out wide to her side—her thin, forming wings—and then drops them limply—suddenly—back to her sides: a casual body prayer—as she inhales and raises them and exhales and […]