Breastfeeding, Co-Sleeping, and Helicopter Parenting Aren’t What We Should Be Arguing About—Parents Need to Talk About This.

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Athletic greatness, handsome good looks, brainy grades—parents freely brag about these attributes and achievements of our kids. I hear about how great so-and-so is at this particular sport, or how smart she is, or, even with tiny toddlers, how many words they already speak, or how much they’re already moving around. I wish we valued kindness this way. I see […]

8 Truths of Being a New Parent.

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I’m eternally grateful for my ignorance about motherhood before having kids. I naively thought, like everyone else I know, that parenthood was much different than it actually is, or that I was somehow exempt from the ubiquitous concerns I’d witnessed other people go through after having a baby. Date nights? (Insert cocky laughter.) Of course, we’ll still […]

10 Things This Stay-At-Home Mom Is Grateful for This Holiday Season.

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Finding gratitude within the daily stress of stay-at-home mothering: The last month was a challenging one. Without going into unnecessary detail, the past few weeks have felt weighty and stressful, and not holiday cheerful and bright. Today, however, I feel different. I woke up a little nervous about attending my 5-year-old’s school party with her busy 1-year-old […]

There Is No Rehearsal for Parenthood.

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Loving ourselves enough to find room for failure: I watch her grip the chunky crayon, moving it strategically to form the letters of her name, the ones that I’ve outlined in dash letters with a black marker. She takes the tiger stuffed animal that we got from the zoo during one of our summer trips, and makes […]

The Kissing Experiment.

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Marriage these days is a much discussed tradition. There are those who prefer to not partake in it, although this doesn’t necessarily mean not co-existing in a life-long relationship. There are those, too, who have fought for their rights just to get married in the first place. Then there are those, like me. I never dreamt […]